Market Updates January 4, 2021

Weekly Market Update

Is it Friday? Wait, it’s Friday?! Yep, I had to ask and check a few times, but it is! I hope you all had a New Year’s surrounded by those closest to you and were able to reflect on the many blessings that DID exist in 2020!
Here’s this week’s market update- the “holiday week” between Christmas and New Year- historically pretty quiet.
Rang true this year too. Although 5 seemed to be some kind of “magic” number this last week. Overall New Listings and Solds were about the same as the week prior, but for PENDINGS (When a seller accepts a buyer’s offer) They were either up or down 5  for each area… here’s how it played out:
🔸Bellingham- 5 ⤵️ offers accepted
🔸Ferndale- 5 ⤵️ accepted
🔸Lynden- 5 ⤴️ accepted
🔸Blaine- 5 ⤴️ accepted
I have a handful (maybe two) of buyers anticipating some great listings coming on the market over the next month- so let’s all manifest them together, shall we?! Who do you know who wants to make a move?