Fairhaven from Visual Impressions Video on Vimeo.

On the south side of Bellingham, bordering Bellingham Bay to the west, and Western Washington University to the northeast, we find Fairhaven. Boasting a small transportation hub with Bellingham Ferry Terminal, Fairhaven Station which serves as Bellingham’s Amtrak Cascades station stop, as well as the Greyhound bus depot. 

In the center of the Fairhaven area is the Fairhaven Historic District, which features a seasonal farmer’s market as well as numerous restaurants and shops. The district is a popular tourist destination. All newly constructed buildings are required to conform in outward appearance to the community’s traditional 19th-century style, which gives the area it’s old-town feel.  In the early 2000’s I actually owned a boutique in Fairhaven and this is how I grew my roots in Business in Whatcom County!  Recently there’s been a revitalization of business in this area with even some quaint lounges to spice up the night life!


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