Home Ownership February 14, 2022

Show your home some love!

Home.  Everyday, it’s there for you- for life’s big moments and the little ones too.  For all that your home does for you it deserves some valentines love. Here’s 4 ideas to show your home some love this Valentine’s Day!

  • Add some beauty with house plants!  House plants act as natural air purifiers and also create a sense of calm.
  • Do a little maintenance checkup.  The major systems in your home make it function as a warm and comfortable space for you but they need to be taken care of on a regular basis to keep working hard for you.
  • Update your decor. Simply replacing some throw pillows, adding new artwork or new bedding can go a long way in keeping your space fresh!  Just a few things can make your home feel like a new space.
  • Dial up your curb appeal.  Sprucing up in the front of your house can make you and your guests feel welcome.  A few simple ideas are: plant some flowers, get a new doormat, pressure wash the walkway or add a fresh coat of paint to the front door.Happy Valentine’s Day from my house to your house!