Community February 23, 2023

New Park Along Bellingham Waterfront

Plans that began in 2014 are finally moving quickly for this new Bellingham park. Salish Landing is the name chosen for the 17 acres at the south end of Cornwall Ave along Bellingham Bay toward Boulevard Park.  Permit application for cleanup and work is now pending as the city focuses on cleaning up the decades of pollution in the area from the city dump and multiple industry operations in the area.  There is not an expected opening date yet, but once development is complete, this park will have beach access, trails, parking, restrooms, benches, bike racks, and a kayak launching and landing site. I am excited to check out this new park and all it will have to offer!
I’m hopeful it will come together quickly, but we all know the pace at which projects like this come together… any guesses on how long it will take to open?!