Community April 9, 2024

Galbraith Mountain Update

This spring, Galbraith Mountain unveils a host of exciting updates, making it an even more enticing destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The unanimous approval to permit Class 1 ebikes on the mountain’s trails is a game-changer, expanding access to a wider range of riders.  No need to worry that motorbikes will be taking over the mountain, Class 1 ebikes don’t have a throttle, and instead require the rider to pedal for the electric motor to kick in with a top speed around 20 mph.

The mountain is also set to open 3 new trails. These trails are generously funded by Kona Bicycle Company, Transition Bike Company, and a memorial trail supported by the family of a beloved late mountain biking enthusiast family.  They promise to inject fresh excitement into Galbraith Mountain’s already vibrant trail network.

In response to longstanding safety concerns, a new crosswalk has been installed to facilitate a safer passage for riders crossing from the south parking lot to the mountain trails. This improvement not only addresses safety issues but also enhances the overall accessibility of Galbraith Mountain, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for riders.

These updates underscore a commitment to continually improving Galbraith Mountain’s amenities and accessibility, reaffirming its status as a premier destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts.