CommunityTracie's Thoughts October 30, 2020

My Commitment to Strong Connections Everywhere

2020- the year I spent making true, valued connections with other realtors I find inspiring.

 I’m sure you can imagine the beginning of quarantine was a scary, strange time for us all, but for us Real Estate Business Owners we weren’t quite sure what to expect for our near future.

I was incredibly thankful I had reached out to Heather Maddox and a few other badass lady realtors around the greater Seattle area prior to it all and created a regular gathering space where we collaborated and empathized.

This week I had the pleasure of an accidental, spontaneous chance to grab a glass of wine {or two} when Heather and I were both in the same distant place at the same time. We couldn’t help but brainstorm some great ideas on how to bring you and her clients more value in the near future

Stay tuned for more greatness: my friends!