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Community Newsletter – Q2 Gardner Report & Summer Food Drive Recap   At Windermere, we are fortunate to have Matthew Gardner as our Chief Economist. In fact, we are one of the only real estate companies in the country to have such a well-respected expert sitting in this role. Not only is Matthew an asset to Windermere brokers and their clients, but he is a coveted […]
Tracie's Thoughts A Quick Bellingham Market Peak . . . Last week I noticed something while doing a quick little peek at the market for Whatcom County—On my screen were seven days of activity in the single-family homes category. There were 85 new listings and 111 pending.  This is a pretty normal ratio that we have been seeing over the last couple of years. (Notice […]
Community Newsletter – Summertime 2021: No Relief in Heat, But Relief for Buyers   Last week I heard a quote from Mike Loftin of the Urban Institute that resonated with me. “We need to stop seeing housing as a reward for financial success and instead see it as a critical tool that can facilitate financial success.” Homeownership as an investment has always been a long-term hold in order for […]
Community NEWSLETTER MAY 2021 – Year-to-Date Real Estate Recap: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Headed Here we are, one-third into 2021, and boy what a ride it has been so far. We all know that 2020 was a unique year full of challenges and change. The pandemic made us pause and reevaluate many aspects of our lives including where and how we live. The impact of the pandemic on the […]
Home Ownership When was the last time you were in your crawl space or attic?! I get it, no one WANTS to go in their crawl space or attic, that is where yucky things are… spiders, rodents, etc.  But those are the reasons you are looking!  Checking on these two spaces for indications of water or rodents is THE SINGLE best thing you can do to maintain your home. Here’s […]
Community Local Farmer’s Markets 2021     When you shop at a local Farmers Market, you’re buying outstanding freshness, quality and flavor. Knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown provides peace of mind for your family. Plus, you’re supporting a sustainable regional food system that helps small family farms stay in business; protects land from […]
Community Vendor Spotlight You heard it here, friends! Smith Mechanical kept us from freezing this week, and Environmental Pest Control is going to be making sure the critters are under control from here on out! Make sure to get Smith Mechanical scheduled for your annual furnace service! Click here for the Smith Mechanical website If you deal with […]
Community Fellow Agent Collaboration 2020, the year of isolation, has made me more thankful than ever for my relationships with fellow brokers. Being independent contractors we are essentially in this alone. It can feel lonely even though we talk to all our clients and contractors and agents on the other side of transactions. I thrive in collaborative environments and […]
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Community My Commitment to Strong Connections Everywhere 2020- the year I spent making true, valued connections with other realtors I find inspiring.  I’m sure you can imagine the beginning of quarantine was a scary, strange time for us all, but for us Real Estate Business Owners we weren’t quite sure what to expect for our near future. I was incredibly thankful I had reached out to […]
Market Updates New Addition! My Weekly Market Updates I’m excited to announce my newest edition to help keep you informed! My weekly Market Update!  Each Friday, keep an eye out on Social Media to see my recap of the market over the past week. I will focus on the basics: how many listings were added, how many homes sold, and how many offers […]
Buying a Home Contractor Pricing for YOU!   Rainy Weekend Plans?! Have you been wanting to get some painting done? I’m excited to extend my personal discount to you! There’s nothing better than supporting a local business {especially right now- when they really need our support}, getting a great deal, AND unmatched customer service! You can get it all by taking my […]
Market Updates Current Numbers that Matter – Week 12 Moving On to Phase 2! Welcome to June! It was announced today that the Washington State Secretary of Health has accepted Whatcom County’s application to move on to Phase 2 of the Washington’s Safe Start Plan. You can read a broad explanation of what that means here, and here are a few key changes: Lets you have 5 […]
Market Updates Current Numbers that Matter – Week 9   Beginning & Ending on High Notes Our new normal seems to be becoming less new and more normal, just in time for our Phase 1 to be coming to an end- maybe one more week (at the earliest), and then we move on to Phase 2! It’s still not business as usual – no open houses, only serious homebuyers […]
Market Updates Current Numbers that Matter – Week 8   I hosted my very first Virtual Open House this weekend- what a fun way to show potential buyers and home lovers a home without spreading germs!  I hope you were able to join me live on Facebook from the comfort of your own home! If not, the recorded video is posted on my feed in facebook and on […]
Market Updates Current Numbers that Matter – Week 7 A PLAN TO MOVE FORWARD It’s already May! It almost seemed like April would never end, but we made it! Good job, team! Friday, May 1st, Governor Inslee announced that the Stay Home Order would now be extended past the previous deadline of May 4th to May 31st. The state will be opened back up slowly in a 4 phase series. As part of […]
Tracie's Thoughts Gov. Inslee’s Wa Recovery Plan     A SAFE RETURN TO PUBLIC LIFE On Tuesday, 4/21, Governor Jay Inslee announced his plan for a safe return to public life. This plan is broken down into 3 main goals: Protect the Health and Safety of Washingtonians Facilitate a Safe Start and Transition to Economic Recovery Support All People and Communities He’s included all the details […]
Market Updates Current Numbers that Matter – Week 6 A Plan to Move Forward Hard to believe we’ve been paying attention to the numbers for 6 weeks already.  I’m thankful the number of COVID-19 cases in Washington State continues to decrease and we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel!  Below You’ll find: Updated Numbers Washington’s Recovery Plan Matthew’s New Construction Update Love to the Alcoa Families Another Chance […]
Market Updates Current Numbers that Matter – Week 4 Data, Tours, Taxes and Interest Rates Most prominent in the news this last week was Washington State deciding that our students will not return to in person schooling this school year.  Families are mourning sadness of missing out on the end of year celebrations for milestone grade transitions, cancelled sports seasons and so much more.  […]
Market Updates Current Numbers that Matter – Week 3 May the 4th Be… Here Quickly! Here we are again with another update on our Stay at Home Directive, which now has been extended until May 4th. It might seem like so far away, but the more we stay home (and the better we follow the rules), the sooner we will be able to resume our regular lifestyles! I’m continuing with week 3 of looking at […]
Market Updates REVISED Current Numbers that Matter – Week 2 I SPOKE AN HOUR TOO SOON! The Governor JUST deemed Real Estate as an “Essential Business”!  So what does this mean for you and our clients?  We now have to adhere to stricter guidelines to ensure safety for our clients and homeowners, however we are able to do the following: 1. In-person activities must be appointment-only 2. No […]