CommunityTracie's Thoughts September 28, 2023

Meet The Team

The Power of Enneagrams in Our Team: Strengths that Serve You!

Meet our dynamic real estate team, each guided by their unique Enneagram numbers. Together, we create a formidable force that benefits not only our team but also our cherished clients:

🌟 Tracie (Enneagram 7 – The Enthusiast):
Strengths: Optimism, adaptability, and a knack for turning challenges into opportunities.
How it benefits the team: Tracie’s positivity and ability to embrace change keep us motivated and ready to face any real estate scenario with confidence.
How it benefits clients: Tracie’s optimism reassures clients during negotiations and uncertainties, making their real estate journey smoother and more enjoyable.

🌟 CJ (Enneagram 4 – The Individualist):
Strengths: Creativity, empathy, and a deep understanding of individual needs.
How it benefits the team: CJ’s creative perspective adds depth to our client interactions, helping us stay true to our goals.
How it benefits clients: CJ’s empathetic approach ensures that clients’ unique preferences and desires are acknowledged, resulting in personalized and fulfilling real estate experiences.

🌟 Cayla (Enneagram 2 – The Helper):
Strengths: Supporting and encouraging those around her, dedication to the task at hand.
How it benefits the team: Cayla’s nurturing nature fosters a supportive and harmonious work environment naturally recognizing the needs of others.
How it benefits clients: Cayla’s genuine care and attentiveness ensures clients are always informed of timelines and feeling valued.

🌟 Ciarra (Enneagram 5 – The Investigator):
Strengths: Perceptive and Innovative
How it benefits the team: Ciarra’s design expertise enhances our team’s creative professional image, ensuring that we always present ourselves in the best possible light.
How it benefits clients: Ciarra’s keen eye for aesthetics creates visually appealing and professional marketing materials, leaving a lasting impression on our people.

The synergy of these four Enneagram types – creates a well-rounded team that excels in adaptability, creativity, compassion, and design. Together, we are ready to cater to your real estate needs no matter your Enneagram type.