Selling a Home

Selling a Home ~ Proof of the Power of Staging ~ One of the first and most important things I do when helping clients prepare for listing their home is to do a thorough walk-through.  I learn about the home’s features, which elements to highlight and areas of particular interest or in need of updates or repair—we also make a plan for quick fixes that can help […]
Home Ownership When was the last time you were in your crawl space or attic?! I get it, no one WANTS to go in their crawl space or attic, that is where yucky things are… spiders, rodents, etc.  But those are the reasons you are looking!  Checking on these two spaces for indications of water or rodents is THE SINGLE best thing you can do to maintain your home. Here’s […]
Buying a Home The Windermere Bridge Loan Homeowners across our region are enjoying very healthy equity levels due to an amazing upswing in the real estate market over the last five years. In fact, the median price in Whatcom County is up 59% over the last five years. This growth in equity has given homeowners the exciting option to sell their homes […]
Buying a Home A Lending Update w/ Lena In light of the massive increase of unemployment due to COVID-19, the guidelines for obtaining a home loan are changing regularly.  If you are back-to-work and are looking to get pre-approved for a home loan, check in with your lender well ahead of time to be sure you can provide the proper income documentation.  Lenders […]
DIY Home Decor that Adds Value Getting ready to put your home on the market or just want to give it a fresh look? You probably have heard that professional photos and video increase the chances of your home being seen online! However, you’ve got to clean up your home a bit before we can get to the good stuff. It’s […]
Selling a Home Selling Your Home: A step by step approach Source:   Whether you’re starting a family, moving for your job, getting ready to retire or embarking on a new chapter in your life, when your home no longer suits your current situation, it’s time to think about selling it. Although this can be a bit complicated, with the help of your agent, you […]
Market Updates Empty Nesters: Remodel or Sell? source:   Your kids have moved out and now you’re living in a big house with way more space than you need. You have two choices – remodel your existing home or move. Here are some things to consider about each option.   Choice No. 1: Remodel your existing home to better fit your […]
Selling a Home Selling Your Home: The Impact of Staging Source:   How can you make your home more attractive to potential buyers? The answer is with some “home staging”. According to the Wall Street Journal, implementing some basic interior design techniques can not only speed up the sale of your home but also increase your final selling price. It all comes down to […]
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