Home OwnershipSelling a HomeTracie's Thoughts April 28, 2021

When was the last time you were in your crawl space or attic?!

I get it, no one WANTS to go in their crawl space or attic, that is where yucky things are… spiders, rodents, etc.  But those are the reasons you are looking!  Checking on these two spaces for indications of water or rodents is THE SINGLE best thing you can do to maintain your home.

Here’s a simple list of things to look for:

Crawl Space:

  1. Walk around your home and check that all your crawl space vent screens are intact- are there any holes?
  2. Is your crawl space cover COMPLETELY sealed when closed?
  3. Inside your crawl space do you see any rodent poop?
  4. Is the insulation tucked neatly into the floor joists and around the pipes and ducting or is it all torn up and hanging?
  5. Do you have a black plastic vapor barrier on top of the earth or is there dirt showing?
  6. Do you see standing water or evidence of water pooling anywhere?
  7. Does it smell just like dirt or do you smell mold or mildew or something else?

Have more questions about why these are important? Give me a call (360-201-6433) or send me an email: Tracieg@windermere.com.

Don’t want to look yourself or found that some of the issues listed above are happening under your home and don’t want to take care of it yourself?  Check out my vendor list for a list of local contractors that can help you whip it back into shape: VENDOR LIST


  1. Do you see any water staining around where the vents exit through your roof?
  2. Or any water staining on the sheathing of your roof anywhere?
  3. See any evidence of rodents up here?  Or even birds or bats?  Look for poop!
  4. Are any of the nails rusted?
  5. Is the wood sheathing that is under your roofing material wood color or are there areas that are black and covered with mold or mildew?

Again, don’t want to look for yourself or you’ve found some of the concerns above and need help?  Check on my vendor list here or give me a call!  360-201-6433.


I promise that you will keep a great eye on your investment by doing these two things once a year!