CommunityUncategorized May 23, 2024

Loyal Enthusiast Event 2024

Our first LOYAL ENTHUSIAST event of the year was a HUGE success!

Our clients and friends who consistently share our name with their people received an exclusive invitation to see inside the beautiful system of Jen’s personal home from The Orderly Space.  Her systems help create a more simplified and productive space in your home or office!  The guests were able to take a peak into where it all began and learn how to organize their own homes straight from the source. The evening was filled with delicious beverages poured from Barmann Cellars and charcuterie from Aloha Boards by Kylee!

“The interesting thing about minimalism is by living with less stuff, and letting go of the material things that don’t have purpose or bring joy, we find ourselves with more. More life, more money, more freedom to do the things we want to do, and more time to pursue or find our passions.  That’s the true value of minimalism.  It’s not what we lose, but what we gain.” – CJ, The Minimalist Realtor

“It’s important when organizing to create space for categories of items, but more important to respect the limitations of those spaces.  Successful organizational systems are those that aren’t continually overwhelmed with more than they can accommodate.” – Jen, The Orderly Space