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Market Updates Housing & Economic Forecast 2024 When real estate bleeds into my Real Life is when it gets really interesting. I provided this exact same recap to those of you who attended the event this month and those who had expressed interest but could not attend. So some of you have already seen this. Read it again though, I am sure […]
Monday with Matthew Top 10 Predictions for 2024 As Chief Economist for Windermere Real Estate, Matthew Gardner is responsible for analyzing and interpreting economic data. With over 30 years of professional experience, he provides valuable insights into the real estate industry and housing market, including quarterly regional reports, monthly videos, and timely analysis of the latest trends.1 Still no housing bubbleThis was number […]
Market Updates Matthew Gardner Mid-Year Update One of the reasons why we are fortunate to have Matthew Gardener as our Chief Economist at Windermere is his transparency. Every year, Matthew makes predictions for the coming year based on his monumental research and years of experience. Just this week, he reviewed his 2023 predictions and recorded the video below. Most of his […]
Buying a Home Understanding Interest Rates It is very important that consumers understand the difference between long-term interest rates and short-term interest rates. Long-term rates involve home mortgages such a conventional 30-year fixed, Jumbo, FHA, and VA loans. Short-term rates involve car loans, credit cards, and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs). While both types of rates have gone up over […]
Buying a Home Matthew Gardner’s Top 10 Predictions for 2023 1. There Is No Housing Bubble Mortgage rates rose steeply in 2022 which, when coupled with the massive run-up in home prices, has some suggesting that we are recreating the housing bubble of 2007. But that could not be further from the truth. Over the past couple of years, home prices got ahead of themselves […]
Market Updates The Gardner Report At Windermere, we are fortunate to have Matthew Gardner as our Chief Economist. In fact, we are one of the only real estate companies in the country to have such a well-respected expert sitting in this role. Not only is Matthew an asset to Windermere brokers and their clients, but he is a coveted resource […]
Community UPDATE: Global influences on the Housing Market & Interest Rates A lot has happened in our world since the first of the year, specifically the rise in inflation and the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. These factors can influence consumers and affect the housing and financial markets. Additionally, global unrest has had a clear influence on interest rates, driving them back down after a 1-point […]
Monday with Matthew 2022 Predictions for the Real Estate Market At Windermere, we have the benefit of being expertly guided by our Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner. Every year he shares his predictions for the US Economy and Housing Market. I have included a list of highlights below along with a link to a video where he spells it all out. Matthew’s Forecast for the US […]
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Market Updates The Zillow Algorithm vs The Human Algorithm: What is best for the consumer? The recent news of Zillow’s plan to shut down their iBuyer program due to a $328 million loss in the third quarter has heads spinning in the real estate world and on Wall Street.  Sadly, Zillow plans to eliminate 25% of its workforce because of its decision to move away from the practice of purchasing […]
Community Newsletter – Summertime 2021: No Relief in Heat, But Relief for Buyers   Last week I heard a quote from Mike Loftin of the Urban Institute that resonated with me. “We need to stop seeing housing as a reward for financial success and instead see it as a critical tool that can facilitate financial success.” Homeownership as an investment has always been a long-term hold in order for […]
Market Updates Newsletter – Economy & Housing Market Update Matthew Gardner is the Chief Economist at Windermere and a sought-after expert on real estate, both locally and across the country. Every quarter, Matthew breaks down the real estate market by region and provides the Gardner Report; you can read this quarter’s full report here.  Additionally, he also provides a monthly video report touching on […]
Monday with Matthew 2021 Housing Forecast I’ve been waiting for this for weeks.  The final episode of Monday with Matthew where Matthew gives his 2021 Housing Forecast.  What will interest rates look like?  Will existing home sales increase?  Prices?  How about New Construction? AND… Is this actually a bubble, will our market crash?!   ALL of these questions and more will be […]
Monday with Matthew Monday with Matthew On this episode of “Monday with Matthew,” Matthew Gardner analyzes the surprisingly strong U.S. Job Market Report from October. This video was recorded on Friday, November 6.